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Trowelable / machinable – a permanent bond to virtually any rigid surface: metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, concrete and more… Engineered to repair .Superior strength, durability and adhesion with flexibility, abrasion resistance and elongation. more… leak-metalclad-title .Effectively used to protect aircraft hangar floors, mechanical rooms, warehouse floors and more. more… (Clear Floor Sealer)[ Get Price ]

Paints: Paints used on floors, whether they are wood or concrete, are generally oil- or latex-based. They can be used on .Epoxy: Epoxy, a durable plastic-like material, is a type of paint that is most effective when used on garage floors. It is available as a .Resistant to abrasion and creates strong adhesion[ Get Price ]

Liquid plastic, Concrete coating, Floor varnish, Parquet varnish, Acrylic floor coating. .Satin-gloss cement paint for various substrates such as concrete, screed, cementitious substrates, iron, steel, wood and .Single-component, solvent-based coating, superbly suited for wood and similar substrates, for interior and exterior applications. novatic floor varnish is marked by rapid drying, good hardness and .[ Get Price ]

3589 SMOOTH EPOXY FLOOR COATING has good wear resistance as a concrete coating or.4401 Terrazzo Wet Look Sealer ..Formulated for use on primed metal, GRP, wood, and plastic/composite surfaces. Complies with Military Specifi .[ Get Price ]

Laminate flooring and underlayment/vapor barrier can be installed over concrete, wood flooring, vinyl tile, linoleum, tile, ..The AC measure rates abrasion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to staining and cigarette burns, and thickness swelling along edges. .I have a Wood Plastic Composite floor installed. A friend .[ Get Price ]

Manufacturers generally match most solid- or engineered-wood flooring for color and grain. ..Linoleum tends to fend off discoloration from sunlight, but resistance to wear, scratches and dents has varied widely in our tests from product to product. Linoleum .Installations over concrete require a thin plastic vapor barrier.[ Get Price ]

For Aircraft, Marine, Automotive & Industrial Use, Heavy Duty Floor Coatings, Gasoline Storage Tank Coatings. FASCO .SUPERFLEX GREY #88, A more flexible version of Epoxo 88 for greater elasticity and impact resistance. Recommended for flexible plastic parts, urethane auto bumpers and repair of air bags. SUPER .TOP COATING 9X-CL-WC, Clear epoxy coating for wood, hatch covers, slabs, bar tops, furniture. This is a 2 .Good toughness, abrasion and chemical resistance.[ Get Price ]

G-10tm Color Flooring Aggregates are specially designed for Epoxy Flooring Applications. .Solvent free, Water clear, Excellent chemical resistance, Excellant adhesion to concrete , steel, and wood, High gloss, Low .Polythane - Two component aliphatic polyurethane which is highly chemical and highly abrasion resistant. .Use protective covering (construction paper, ply wood, plastic sheets etc).[ Get Price ]

Then some sort of moisture-resistant wood subfloor (marine plywood) is built on top of the plastic film. Then the flooring .Engineered planks and strip wood floors can be glued directly to a clean, dry, well-cured concrete slab. .The type of wood floor you buy, the color and the finish will also be factor in how much punishment the floor's finish can withstand before showing scratches and excessive wear.[ Get Price ]